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Rechargeable LED LightUpdated Art Lighting

Spectacular art lighting that’s rechargeable, convenient, and energy efficient.  This is a whole new thing.

We’ve seen some poor attempts at battery powered art lighting, none of which are rechargeable, and the worst of it requiring you to remove your artwork from the wall to change batteries.

Finally, a convenient approach: with one hand and no tools you can remove the light from the mount, charge it, and replace it with just as much ease.

With a soft touch button, you have access to three levels of color accurate lighting to brilliantly illuminate your works of art. So smart, it turns itself off.

Recommended for subjects up to 40” (W) x 30” (H)

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

In Situ Gallery

Tech Specs

3 Brightness settings

Memory function records last setting used

5 Hour automatic shutoff

Super slim profile

Weighs < 1lb.

High CRI, warm LED light

UV Safe

Energy efficient

Included Items: charger and mounting hardware

Tools recommended for installation: screwdriver, drill (optional), hammer (optional), pencil

Recommended for paintings up to 40″ x 30″

Weight: 11 – 15 oz.

Dimensions: 15 ½” wide x ¾” diameter

Overall neck length: 11 1/4″

Safe NiMH Battery Technology

UL Listed charger

Charge in 3.5 hours

Made by us in Naples, FL

 Rechargeable Touch Series Manual

Touch Series Cordless Picture Light Runtime Chart

64 reviews for Rechargeable Touch Series: Wireless LED Art Light

  1. Becky D. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect light when you want to showcase artwork but don’t have the capability of a wired light. The fact that it is rechargeable is so important to me; no need for heavy batteries that need to be replaced often! The three brightness settings are a great feature! I was worried when I read that it was 3000 k LED (I wanted a natural look), but the lowest setting is perfect! Thanks to the customers who reviewed this product previously. The reviews were spot on, and they led me to purchase this great product.

  2. Alan M. (verified owner)

    These lights have been a much better option than having an electrician come and hard wire. We have already shared these lights with some of our friends

  3. E Shepherd (verified owner)

    Beautiful fine quality and fast delivery. Very happy!! Thank you. A wonderful product and service.

  4. Diane P.

    Outstanding product! Truly outstanding!

    I would recommend to friends, family, and repurchase more if/when needed. Good stuff!

  5. Mary Beth C. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the picture light ! Just what we needed and no cords !
    We’ve been looking for a light for awhile and this is perfect and very high
    quality! Thanks for a great product !!

  6. Jim S.

    Most impressed with our new Touch Series picture lamp.
    The entire unit is made of high quality components, adding to the beauty of our art work.

    Battery operation eliminates the need for a wall outlet and the hassle that goes with having one installed! Especially like the 5 hour auto-off feature that helps conserve battery life.

    Got the high quality that we paid for, along with great customer service for questions I had.

  7. Barbara

    The rechargeable micro series is nothing short of brilliant! Leaves every other battery-operated product in the dust! No comparison! Hoping the line will be broadened to include some other wall-washing options, to illuminate a column of three prints and three framed textiles hung vertically. The battery operated lights are an awesome solution when a power source is unavailable, without having to channel into walls. These lights dramatically illuminate a dark gallery entrance hall to dramatically enliven my paintings and the space. Beautiful!

  8. Charles

    Love this product, easy install and does an outstanding job of bringing a painting to life.

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    I work in a gallery that handles a lot of historical and traditional paintings. I advise clients on lighting and am happy to be able to recommend these for clients needing battery operated lights. The very elegant and minimal design look great on both contemporary and traditional frames. The service I’ve experienced has been very personable and as efficient as their products.

  10. Morton D.

    Excellent light. Excellent service. The light is doing just what you said it would do. The painting looks very different – more depth, more nuance, more color. Will order another light this week.
    Mort & Mary

  11. Terry (verified owner)

    This light is an absolute work of art and well worth every penny. It is elegant and brilliantly crafted. If you want to light up a picture and not have to look at a detracting electrical cord, you will not find a better solution at any pricepoint.

  12. Rick L. (verified owner)

    As advertised!

  13. P L (verified owner)

    Just received but the light appears to be very well designed and built. The amount of light generated is more than adequate for our purposes.
    We purchased your product after searching for a wireless lighting solution and guessed that you offer a well made product that won’t look cheap or fail to work. So far so happy. thanks

  14. Diane S. (verified owner)

    We are very happy with our purchase. The painting we placed the lighting on is being seen in a very different way! The beautiful lighting in the painting has never looked better!

  15. Robert R. (verified owner)

    These lights are AWESOME! Easy to install, and recharge-and the color profile is beautiful.
    I have a rather large picture, and Jordan assured me 2 lights would work, and he was right. He also picked out 2 dark bronze pieces that work and look beautiful.
    Thanks Jordan!!

  16. Dean G. (verified owner)

    We have been looking at different art lights for several months. I found Situ Lighting on the web and ordered it. The Rechargeable Touch was delivered today. The quality is outstanding. Installation took less than 15 minutes. The light quality is excellent. We just ordered Art Track lighting for 2 additional pieces of art. If you want quality lighting, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

  17. Linda L.

    Your lights are wonderful, we have them all over our small house, elegant and cozy.

  18. Stephen W.

    I am extremely satisfied with the ease of installation, excellent quality, and amazing operation of my new Rechargeable Touch Series cordless fine art lights! The antique bronze color blends in really well with the dark frames around my artwork, and the three levels of lighting afford me with a easy way to subtly show my artwork or make it really pop. Your lights are a classy, innovative way to showcase artwork with no unsightly cords hanging down below the artwork. I’m sure my family and friends will really enjoy seeing my artwork the way it was meant to be seen – brightly lit!

  19. Mark Malcolm (verified owner)

    Very easy to set up and use. Very good option for attractive and functional picture light when no electric outlet is handy.

  20. Michael C. (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with ALMOST everything about the rechargeable art light. It adds depth and highlights key parts of our beautiful Maximo Laura Tapestry hanging about our fireplace. I hung it myself following your very clear and detailed directions. However you either omitted, or I missed,
    one key element that caused me HOURS OF TRIAL AND ERROR. I carefully leveled and attached the hanging bracket for the art light and attached the rod and the light itself. My wife and I noticed that the light itself was NOT LEVEL. I tried several temporary fixes which weakened the magnetic attachment of one side of the light, then took down the tapestry and checked the level of the hanging bracket–it was perfectly level. Considered bending the hanging rod or the magnetic end but thought it might break the rod or magnetic attachment. I was ready to call and get your advice when I blundered on a very small set screw that could level the magnetic end of the hanging rod.
    However, the hex wrench you send was way too large to get in the hole and I searched all my hex wrenches before finding a tiny wrench that would work. Why don’t you add two things: 1. add to your directions that fact there is a tiny set screw on the magnetic end of the hanging rod that
    allows leveling and 2. include a hex wrench that will work on this tiny set screw? BTW: why wouldn’t the magnetic end of the hanging rod be level when sent to each customer? It would have saved me HOURS of frustration on getting the art light PERFECT for our beautiful tapestry.

    From Situ Lighting:

    Mr. C.,

    I’m sincerely sorry to hear you had trouble with your Touch Series.

    If at any point, you have trouble with any of our products please give us a call. All of our products are designed to be both easy to use and install. Had we known, we would have quickly sent you a replacement neck assembly.

    To answer your questions:

    We do not include the allen key or instructions on adjusting this because we do not intend to have customers adjust it. When manufactured within spec it should never require adjustment.

    Despite our focus on quality, occasionally something does leave our facility out of specification. We hate when it happens but always do our best to make things right.

    Further apologies for the trouble with the neck assembly on your Touch Series but we’re glad to hear you’re otherwise pleased with the product.

    Any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

    -Situ Lighting Customer Service Team

  21. Linda

    Outstanding company, service above and beyond and excellent products.

  22. Patricia F. (verified owner)

    I purchased a rechargeable Touch Picture picture light some months ago. A day doesn’t go by that I do not appreciate your GREAT product.  It gives me so much pleasure that I made the purchase because it makes my favorite picture come alive and I appreciate the picture even more. The light is so well made and if you recall…we exchanged a number of emails and your attention to details was beyond professional. So, thank you over and over for the pleasure your product has given me.

  23. Nancy G. (verified owner)

    Great. Do you make the touch type with a remote?
    I love my touch but would like remotes for paintings that are too high to reach the button

    From Situ:

    We received your review and are glad to hear you’re please with your Touch Series. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    Unfortunately none of our cordless lights feature a remote control.

    The reason we do not offer a remote control on our battery powered lights is an electrical design issue called parasitic drain. In order to have a remote control you must also have a circuit built into the light that is constantly operating to look for the input from the remote control to turn on/off, etc. This means the light (even when off) is constantly consuming the batteries. Net effect being that even without any use the light could be dead in a month or so. All of our plug-in models use a remote control since we are not concerned with the finite energy available in the batteries.

    Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-561-0492 should you have any questions.

  24. David (verified owner)

    I did not think I would find a high quality battery powered at light. It was easy to mount on the frame and provides bright, high intensity light for my artwork that causes the colors to pop. Light is a nice slim profile that fits the rest of my apartment. So far, a great decision and product purchase.

  25. Jay C. (verified owner)

    This light is simply amazing! We bought one and several of the smaller lights and am so pleased we probably will buy a few more. They are easy to use, give off just the right amount of light and our art looks superb! Just like in a gallery. Definitely worth it. Also their customer service is excellent. I called with a question and the gentleman was so pleasant and knowledgeable I was even more impressed.

  26. John L. (verified owner)

    Nothing can compare. Quality, craftsmanship and a true masterpiece in lighting that will last for years. If anyone has nice expensive art and you want to showcase it as if it were in a museum, then you’ll need to purchase this rechargeable light unit. There are few products on the market that can compare. You get what you pay for and Jordan is always there to help if you have any questions. I am one very happy and satisfied customer.

  27. Bob L (verified owner)

    I was looking for an unobtrusive light for a painting done by an uncle of mine for my grandparents in 1949 that I recently had cleaned and restored. I searched the web and found Situlighting and am happy I did. The light is excellent, it’s exceptionally well made and very sleek. I love the fact it’s 1) rechargeable and consequently there are no wires, 2) 3 levels of light make illuminating the painting easy under different conditions, and 3) the automatic shut off means I don’t have to worry about turning the light off. I liked this light so much I picked up a second one on a recent trip to Naples and learned first hand the folks there care deeply about their products and are totally committed to providing for an exceptional customer experience. They delivered on both, And I highly recommend!

  28. Robert F. (verified owner)

    This is arguably the best picture light made, and well worth the cost. I needed a light that offered the following: (1) wireless, (2) rechargeable, (3) long battery life, (4) controllable light output / position, (5) automatic shut off, (6) attractive / small, and (5) well engineered / well made. I got it all with this light. Quite simply, it is excellent, and it makes our painting of Lake Como, Italy, really come alive!

  29. Bill B. (verified owner)

    We love the products; have three.
    Have had issue with accidentally pulling magnets from interface bracket when not properly rotating the light piece until the magnetic field is broken. (Pulling it directly away can be a problem.)
    And the arm that connects to frame could be a little longer in both directions to enable a little more latitude in setting. (And making adjustments once mounted can be more difficult.)

    From Situ:

    Mr. B,
    We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble with one of your Touch Series mounts. We have reached out to you regarding a replacement that will solve the issue.
    The easiest way to remove the light from the mount is to use one hand on either end of the light and pull directly down or towards you. Doing so uses the body of the light as a lever to help break the hold of the magnets. When done as described it should require a single hand and minimal effort.
    Please give us a call at 1-800-561-0492 should you have any further questions and thank you for your feedback.

  30. Maureen Y. (verified owner)

    The Situ rechargeable light has been installed on a beautiful old painting and that painting has come to life. I would highly recommend this light to anyone searching for a product that was beautiful, very well made and extremely functional as well as not having any ugly wires to deal with.

    Thank you Jordan for making this light available to us. I am sure that we are going to enjoy the picture light for many years. The delivery was very quick and the packaging and instructions were top notch. We would certainly consider purchasing another one.

  31. Wes (verified owner)

    Great design. Easy to install. Detachable light for charging is brilliant ! Quality product at a reasonable price. Excellent customer service. Not my first purchase and won’t be my last !

  32. Tim S (verified owner)

    Lighting of high quality meeting all expectations

  33. Jerry B. (verified owner)

    We are very happy with this product. It’s easy to install and very effective in highlighting fine art. It perhaps could be a bit brighter, but it is certainly bright enough. I will say that the product was shipped without the mounting bar, but Jordan Minges, the President, was very apologetic and responsive and shipped the missing piece to us by express service. Good service.

  34. Mary H. (verified owner)

    I ordered two of these and like the plug- in they are beautiful and light my art perfectly. Quality is exceptional. Very easy to assemble!

  35. Barbara (verified owner)

    Very customer oriented. Constant contact if an item is delayed. Would recommend highly!!!

  36. Dennis M. (verified owner)

    I gave my wife this light for Christmas along with a large oil painting that she has wanted for sometime. The light was super easy to install and gives perfect illumination to this piece. It is unobtrusive but does the job very well. I have no doubt I will order again. Very responsive company!

  37. Robert F. (verified owner)


  38. Robert F. (verified owner)


  39. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, service and quality in every regard. Highly recommend this product.

  40. Terence R. (verified owner)

    The quality of the product is good except for one defect. If you art is framed behind glass, then there is a reflective glare thrown back at you. The design of the light should have had some sort of shield to prevent that. I find it quite annoying.

    From Situ:
    Terence – I’m sorry to hear you weren’t completely satisfied with your Touch Series. We are more than happy to accept a return. Unfortunately glare can be very frustrating when it comes to lighting artwork. Raising the light as high as possible above your artwork will help. Additionally, there are low glare glasses offered (often called museum glass due to it’s need in museums where most artwork is illuminated) specifically for artwork that will reduce any reflections. It’s not unique to this light and is unfortunately something you will face with all art lights. The glare is a result of shining a light directly at something reflective, in this case, a piece of glass. It’s a matter of angles: your viewing height, the height of the artwork, and the height of your artwork. There is almost always a combination of artwork and light height that will eliminate it. Unfortunately there is no hood or shield that could be built into the light to prevent this. Please give us a call at 1-800-561-0492 if you would like to discuss further!

  41. Amy R. (verified owner)

    I LOVE my rechargeable art light. It was the perfect solution to a wall with no outlet and may change all my others so there is no unsightly wire! Works beautifully, sleek, and almost invisible.

  42. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Excellent and can highly recommend. 5-Stars in all regards.

  43. Robert F. (verified owner)

    Absolutely pleased. Great product, great value, great customer service, and a wonderful addition to our beautiful home. Going to buy more.

  44. Nancy H. (verified owner)

    I love this light. I love that there are no wires. But most importantly, my painting is beautifully illuminated.

  45. Karen J. (verified owner)

    This is literally one of the best products on the market! I was getting ready to by a battery operated art light since I thought that was the best option I could find, but luckily I stumbled upon this. I don’t write many reviews, but I am since I love this and honest reviews can really help. The fact that it’s rechargeable is so great and it lasts a long time. I recently had a power outage for 13 hours and this saved me since it lit up my living room fairly well. My neighbors were probably wondering how I had power. It’s great to have 3 lighting levels and it’s adjustable how the light hits the artwork. I probably use mine every day, and it has elevated my artwork to a new level and I enjoy it so much more now.

  46. David L.

    I’ve been meaning to write and let you know how much I’m enjoying the rechargeable picture lights. Our town of Albany, Georgia took a direct hit from hurricane Michael as a category 3 storm. We lost power for nearly a week. I had charged five of the picture lights prior to losing power. Since they are battery powered, we lit our house, in stylish fashion, with the lamps during the power outage . Since they are detachable, we lit the bathrooms for showers and even used them to read books by in the evening hours. The lighting was perfect even on the lowest settings and every light held its charge for the duration of the time we had without electrical power. Now that power has been restored, the lamps are back in place on my paintings and providing a beautiful and elegant mood to our home. Thanks so much for leading us to such a wonderful product.

    Many thanks,


  47. Ken W. (verified owner)

    Great Product and Great Service. Bought one and ordered another two days after I installed the first one. Jordan was super to deal with and handled shipping with speed. Would definitely order again.

    Ken W.

  48. Rob J.

    I purchased 4 of these for 3 pictures. The install was as easy as you could be and they offer wonderful coverage. Well designed, with full adjustable arms. Excellent build quality and excellent service. The only thing to add is I would like a a 2800K option to match halogen bulbs in the same space.

  49. Joan D. (verified owner)

    This is the perfect lighting that elegantly illuminates a painting without unsightly cords. It allows one to choose one of three different light settings and unattaches easily to recharge.

  50. Tony R. (verified owner)

    This is a beautifully crafted unit that is easy to install and works perfectly in Europe on 220-240 volts thanks to the supplied universal charger. A problem solved: Thank you!

  51. Tim M. (verified owner)

    Worked exactly as described. I chose to fasten the light directly to the frame to avoid another hole in the wall. It was very easy to install and perfectly illuminated my artwork. The color chosen blended right in and is barely noticeable. Really brought a dark painting in a very dark corner to life in a way that was remarkable. Thanks for such a great product!!

  52. Mark P. (verified owner)

    I purchased a touch series light for a 19th century French marine painting that is the centerpiece of my family room. In the evening hours, it illuminates the painting perfectly and allows you to choose between three levels of brightness with no distracting glare. Each night when I turn it on I am always pleased how much it enhances the presentation of the painting. It is also easy to use and to recharge. I was so satisfied after my initial purchase that I ordered a second light to accomplish the same result for a French landscape in in the family dining room. And, yes, I plan to get yet another for a Parisian cityscape in our living room. To be perfectly clear, I believe these lights would work equally well for paintings of any national origin. Seriously, these lights are wonderful.

    Mark P.

  53. Wayne J. (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic product for anyone who has artwork to be lit where access to ac power is either not possible or practical. An elegant non distracting design with pleasing illumination that’s easily adjustable. Two thumbs up!

  54. Carl H. (verified owner)

    I am so very pleased with the four lights that I have now put to work illuminating my favorite paintings. It is wonderful to have the capacity to adjust the intensity and angle of the light to best enhance the painting’s image and colors. The ease at which it is to recharge the fixtures is an additional benefit. Thank you for a great design and a top quality product.

  55. Ed G. (verified owner)

    This is exactly what we have been looking for to display our art that was hidden on a dark wall. And cordless without the wiring or need to remove the picture for recharging is perfect. The light enhances the look and doesn’t distract as would cheaper ways of illumination.

  56. Linda L.

    We love our lights from Situlighting. They are elegant, and unabtursive, never taking anything away from the painting. We have both sizes, and will order more.

  57. Jose R.

    Sleek and unobtrusive design, easy to install, bathes the subject with even light at three levels of intensity. The paintings and icons on which we have placed these fixtures have revived in luminosity. Truly great product.

  58. Steve N. (verified owner)

    Replacing our House of Troy fixtures with Situ lights. Better light, better quality and very convenient. Thanks

  59. Lee B (verified owner)

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my light! It has been the perfect addition to my home. I love art and making sure it is properly displayed is very important to me. Will definitely order another one!!!

  60. Anthony C. (verified owner)

    This product was delivered with a slight defect. I contacted the company and spoke with Jordan. He immediately sent a replacement along with a prepaid mailer with which to return the defective unit. The new light fixture is excellent providing perfect lighting for our painting. I’m especially pleased with the prompt, courteous service I received.

  61. Keith S. (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased and installed two of these lights and really like them. Great design, great quality and great job of lighting two of our paintings.

  62. Morgan H.

    Like this light very much. Brilliant design. Sleek , minimalistc.

  63. Chris T

    Lovely light, fine materials, and easy to setup. Perfect for wife’s new painting without an outlet nearby.

  64. Louise F (verified owner)

    I purchased two “touch series” lights for larger artwork and am thrilled! The sleek light bar blended in with the finish on the frame and didn’t distract from my lovely paintings. They look fantastic!!

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