Meticulously crafted rechargeable art lighting for any decor; contemporary, classic, yours…


Three Models to Choose From:

Narrow Beam

Adjustment: Move Lights Together

Wide Beam

Adjustment: Move Lights Apart

The most compact art light ever made?  And it’s rechargeable

No cords, no mounting, just a refined simplicity we think you’ll love.

Our Rechargeable Micro Series is carefully engineered to rest atop artwork for the ultimate in convenience.

Situ’s Rechargeable Micro Series provides you with accurate color rendition and multiple brightness levels to illuminate your valued artwork.  We combine an extremely small articulating light head with precision wide angle optics to produce a spectacularly brilliant lighting solution for small to medium sized artwork.  So smart, it turns itself off.

Recommended for subjects:

2 Light Model: Adjustable for artwork up to 36″ W x 30″ T or 24″ W x 40″ T

1 Light Standard (11″): up to 24″ W x 30″ T

1 Light Short (8″): up to 18″ W x 24″ T

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

In Situ Gallery

Art Gallery Lighting

Tech Specs

Multiple brightness settings

No installation required

5 Hour Automatic Shutoff

High CRI, warm 2700K or 3000K LED light

UV safe

Energy efficient

Included items: charger and light

Weight: 11 oz. (1 Light) – 18oz. (2 Light)

Requires 0.785″ clearance behind artwork

Safe NiMH Battery Technology

UL Listed charger

Charge in 4.5 hours

Made by us in Sarasota, FL

1 Light Runtimes – Low: 45 hrs, Medium: 30 hrs, High: 20 hrs

2 Light Runtimes – Low: 45 hrs, Medium: 25 hrs, High:15 hrs

 Rechargeable Micro Series Manual

293 reviews for Rechargeable Micro Series: Wireless LED Art Light

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Can’t rave enough about the Rechargeable Micro Series: Wireless LED Art Light we ordered. It is a great addition to our painting and we really appreciate it now more than ever. The staff was great! Answered the phone which was a plus and gave us advice as to which light to use and why it would work better than the one we originally had thought to buy. It arrived and we put it up, turned it on and wow-what a difference it made. So glad we found this company. So worth the effort and decision.

  2. Melinda F. (verified owner)

    Beautiful light, had been looking for a solution that was also elegant; well & thoughtfully made, perfect for hard-to-electrify places.

  3. Elizabeth S. (verified owner)

    This light is perfect! Love the automatic turn off and adjustable brightness features. The customer service is also excellent! I just ordered my third light.

  4. Dan B. (verified owner)

    Awesome Light! As a photographer I change images in my home and studio frequently and often run out of wall space. I was looking for a light to illuminate a few images on a couple of easels. I must admit that I was skeptical at first, however, when I received the first cordless light I was amazed at the lighting on my image. I immediately ordered another of the same and will be adding subsequent lights to our gallery. Thanks guys-beautiful lighting!

  5. Dan C. (verified owner)

    A very creative and ingenious subtle light that is not only an important asset to any painting as to truly reveal the artist’s intended work in the evening or even during the day…..but it is also a light that has been given much considered thought in design and usage so as to be cohesive with any painting without capturing the attention away from the artwork. Very well done by the founders of this company, and supported by a very pleasant staff.

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