Meticulously crafted rechargeable art lighting for any decor; contemporary, classic, yours…


Three Models to Choose From:

Narrow Beam

Adjustment: Move Lights Together

Wide Beam

Adjustment: Move Lights Apart

The most compact art light ever made?  And it’s rechargeable

No cords, no mounting, just a refined simplicity we think you’ll love.

Our Rechargeable Micro Series is carefully engineered to rest atop artwork for the ultimate in convenience.

Situ’s Rechargeable Micro Series provides you with accurate color rendition and multiple brightness levels to illuminate your valued artwork.  We combine an extremely small articulating light head with precision wide angle optics to produce a spectacularly brilliant lighting solution for small to medium sized artwork.  So smart, it turns itself off.

Recommended for subjects:

2 Light Model: Adjustable for artwork up to 36″ W x 30″ T or 24″ W x 40″ T

1 Light Standard (11″): up to 24″ W x 30″ T

1 Light Short (8″): up to 18″ W x 24″ T

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

In Situ Gallery

Art Gallery Lighting

Tech Specs

Multiple brightness settings

No installation required

5 Hour Automatic Shutoff

High CRI, warm 3000K LED light

UV safe

Energy efficient

Included items: charger and light

Weight: 11 oz. (1 Light) – 18oz. (2 Light)

Requires 0.785″ clearance behind artwork

Safe NiMH Battery Technology

UL Listed charger

Charge in 4.5 hours

Made by us in Sarasota, FL

1 Light Runtimes – Low: 45 hrs, Medium: 30 hrs, High: 20 hrs

2 Light Runtimes – Low: 45 hrs, Medium: 25 hrs, High:15 hrs

 Rechargeable Micro Series Manual

280 reviews for Rechargeable Micro Series: Wireless LED Art Light

  1. Daryl D. McD (verified owner)

    I initially ordered two of the 2-light rechargeable micro series and found that because my art pieces were too large, I needed to order another set of 2 for each piece for a total of 4. The issue was that I had a dinner party planned in 2 days and I was disappointed that these pieces wouldn’t be fully lit properly in time for the party. I called Situ Lighting directly (late in the work day) and they quickly got 2 more packaged up and sent to me next day service and saved the day.

    The rechargeable micro lights are exactly what I needed because my art is made of glass, so I couldn’t attach any lighting directly onto them, and they are not near electrical outlets, so they needed to be wireless. The lights just sit comfortably on top of the pieces and no fuss with batteries, no installation, etc. These are very innovative and clever in my opinion, and have many features one wouldn’t expect on this type of product. I’m extremely happy with the product and the EXCELLENT service that was provided to me by Situ Lighting.

    The ONLY con is that they are very expensive. I expect to pay more for a good quality product, but these will definitely put a dent in your wallet, so that was a bit painful for me…I have no regrets. Awesome product and Awesome company!

  2. whicks1255 (verified owner)

    My latest order for the 3 of the rechargeable micro series, now brings my total lighting products from Situ to 9 ! We have several different products that are both line and battery powered. Extremely pleased with the elegant design and quality manufacturing. Happy to recommend Situ Art Lighting without reservation.

  3. Dale W

    Perfect for one of the smaller paintings in my collection. Simple and elegant. Illuminates the piece beautifully. I only need the lowest brightness setting for it. This is my second situ lighting purchase. Very pleased with this rechargeable unit and the plug in version from my first purchase.

  4. Alice (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased 2 short and 2 long cordless picture lights, and we love them. Nicely made. Great customer service.

  5. Porfie (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this situ light. We purchased an original Walfrido artwork and wanting something to make it look as good as the gallery did. This did it perfect justice.
    Someone’s we like the low setting to give it that subtle light, and other times we like the bright or medium setting to make the colors pop. So happy with this high quality metal light that gets rid of the hassle of those unsightly chords. I was a little skeptical at the high price and lack of remote, but when I understood the explanation as the reason for not having a remote on this rechargeable series I understood. So happy I took the risk and bought this which does my art work justice.

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