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Art Track Lighting Lifestyle 1             Art Track Lighting Lifestyle 2

Different optics are used for different sizes and formats of artwork:

Landscape (Horizontal) Orientation (artwork less than 42″ tall)

LED Picture and Display Lighting

Traditional art lights only provide even illumination for the top 30 – 40″ of your artwork.  This is where the ArtTrack excels:

Portrait (Vertical) Orientation or Artwork Over 42″ Tall

Using a different combination of optics we’re able to light taller artwork.  These optics also give excellent control over the lateral distribution of light and help confine it to artwork.

Modern Picture Lights - Artwork, Display Lighting

Two Mounting Styles

Versatile mounting design allows for attachment to artwork (frame or canvas) or directly to the wall.  Toolless options included for both mounting means.

Product Details

ArtTrack Situ’s newest line and another first in the picture and art lighting world.

A minimal, high output, LED art lighting system for works from 2to 10.5wide and up to 5′ tall. Configured for 1 – 5 lights and using a variety of cutting edge optics to suit the dimensions of your artwork .  Multiple systems can be used seamlessly on even larger works.

It has been specifically developed to work with flush mounted framed and unframed artwork. Featuring the slimmest profile of any light on the market for minimal interference and gap between your wall and artwork.

With 95+ CRI and a 3,000k temperature you’ ll see accurate colors ideal for artwork across all mediums, eras, and styles. UV free, virtually no heat transmittal and a LED rated life of over 50,000 hours you’ ll enjoy this light for years to come .

Designed with the same user friendly installation of our products youre used to, it’s your only option for large format artwork.

Read more about what sets us and our products apart here: The Situ Difference.

In Situ Gallery

Tech Specs

Remote control for easy access

Articulating design for perfect light placement

60+ brightness settings

6 Brightness shortcuts

Ultralight at 3 oz. per light

Slim, minimalist profile

95+ CRI , 3000k LED light

UV Safe

Convenient and low profile frame, canvas or wall mounting

Specialized tapes for mounting to metal frames or artwork available upon request

Energy efficient

UL Listed power supply

Included items: Remote control, power supply, DC jack extension cord, and mounting hardware

Tools recommended for installation: screwdriver, tape measure, pencil

Modular for paintings up to 104″ W x 60″ T

Neck length 10-12″

Head diameter 1″

Made by us in Naples, FL USA

Use of a recessed TV box recommended for installation behind artwork

 Example Recessed TV Box

 Power Supply Dimensions

 ArtTrack Manual

52 reviews for Plug-in ArtTrack: Minimally Designed Lighting for Medium to Large Artwork

  1. Bruce L. (verified owner)

    Top quality product and perfect lighting for our art pieces! Asked for and received excellent advice throughout the purchasing decision. Fast shipping and great communication with the owner himself. We have now purchased seven different lighting systems for our home and are considering more.
    These lighting systems represent an excellent value! The difference in how we view and enjoy our special pieces now is night and day!

  2. Sarah

    I am very pleased with this easy-to-install minimalist picture light. I have looked for a long time and, until now, had found nothing with these nice clean lines. Thank you.

  3. Jeff M. (verified owner)

    I just installed a new ArtTrack. It is an outstanding product. The fit and finish are excellent, as are the lighting quality and controls. It looks absolutely great. The packaging and instructions were first rate, and the shipping was super quick. 10/10 all the way around.

    Jeff M

  4. John R. (verified owner)

    Works beautifully and easy to install. Jordan was extremely helpful from purchase to installation. Will definitely sing the praises of Situ!

  5. Jack (verified owner)

    I purchased a product from Situ and it didn’t work for my unique application. I called to return it and talked to Jordan he knows his products and recommended a different lighting solution.

    The new lights are magnificent they are incredible quality and we couldn’t be happier. My wife and I are so happy that we began looking for more places to purchase more lights.

  6. Adrien P. (verified owner)

    I needed to light a 1′ x 4′ metal art piece installed in a niche behind a pantry. The issue was how to bring the power to connect the Arttrack. I contacted Jordan and used Facetime video to show him the situation. He was very helpful in discussing alternatives. I ordered the Arttrack and contacted Jordan again and he was again helpful. I eventually got the power set up with an electrician. My artwork is now beautifully lit with the non-obstrusive and moder-looking Plug-In Arttrack.

  7. Devin O. (verified owner)

    Incredible appearance and quality. I am a return customer and undoubtedly will be again. Yes these are expensive lights, but they are worth every penny if you value the artwork in your home or business and need a minimal and professional way to show it off. I will not buy any other product.

  8. Myrna B. (verified owner)

    I purchased two of these lights for large artworks in my home. The larger painting was 48″ x 48″ and had never previously been properly lit at the bottom of the canvas. Now that I am using the ArtTrack light, I am seeing details in that painting which I had never been able to see properly before. The lights were easily installed on the artwork frames and I could not be more please with both lights. Jordan was a total pleasure to work with and so knowledgeable and helpful working with me to get the correct light configuration for both paintings. I can highly recommend this product, the ArtTrack light, as well as Situ Art Lighting for quality products and superb customer communication and service. I will definitely return here in the future for any additional art lighting needs I may have.

  9. Nico R. (verified owner)

    I own Plug-in ArtTrack for 2 of my art pieces and the rechargeable microseries light. I am so happy with my purchase!!! The lights are so easy to install and they have literally brought my artwork out of darkness. I can really enjoy it later in the day and at night now. I also love the remote controls and different light settings. I own several oversized pieces and I will buy these lights for EVERYTHING! Customer service is amazing as well. Thanks so much!

  10. Bob H. (verified owner)

    After searching for the perfect light for our art, we found it in the ArtTrack product from Situ Lighting. The lights are small and unobtrusive and even with four lights above one of our paintings, your eye is drawn to the art, not the light source. The colour temperature of the light brings out detail and depth we had never noticed in our artwork before they were lit. We have our wall outlets switched so we can turn all our art lighting on at once. the ArtTrack allows us to set the desired light intensity for each painting with each paintings remote and this setting is remembered the next time the wall switch is turned on. From the quality to how evenly and beautifully it illuminates different pieces of art to the different light output options the remote offers to the above and beyond customer service, we would highly recommend ArtTrack from Situ Lighting. Thanks for a great product Jordan!

  11. Patty (verified owner)

    Love the lights! I appreciate the help in your store. They are exactly what I needed!

  12. Terrence W C. (verified owner)

    First time customer.

    Great design
    Great quality
    Easy to install

    Only light I found to cover a 66 inch portrait oriented painting. Painting looks great! Will be back for other lights. Well done Situ Lighting!

  13. Dolores M. (verified owner)

    This is the most wonderful product. It is easy to install, the remote control is genius, and it was very simple to install. Without question, this is the best lighting option I have found for my wall art. Thank You for designing and unique and unobtrusive art light!

  14. Angel M. (verified owner)

    First purchase and we are extremely happy. The painting that is lit by the Situ fixture looks magnificent. We will soon be buying a couple of more fixtures from Situ.

  15. Jose R. (verified owner)

    I bought a four light Plug-in ArtTrack for a 65″ tall painting which is encased in a box frame with plexiglass. I have rescued the painting from darkness and now I can truly
    enjoy the work at night. I am delighted with the even light, and there is no glare! I cannot express enough praise about their customer service.

  16. Steve C. (verified owner)

    Great product! Totally transformed the room the painting is in. Easy to install and attractive. Great little remote control.

  17. Robert E P. (verified owner)

    Works as described, very much like the ability to change illumination intensity, a breeze to install

  18. Diane A. (verified owner)

    These lights are minimal in size so that they do not distract from the artwork. Appropriate for both traditional and contemporary pieces. If you do not want to install an outlet behind the artwork, the cord is very thin and can be painted the color of the wall. Situ’s owner will walk you through your decision on the phone so that your order will be right the first time!

  19. Lynn R. (verified owner)

    I love this light. It arrived quickly and installed easily. And I love the remote control and multiple brightness settings. It is lighting a large metal print of a photograph and is just perfect. I couldn’t be happier.

  20. Stan B (verified owner)

    Everyone needs to use this lighting! It is high quality, natural lighting that YOU control. You can easily attach it to the artwork, move the heads to where you would like and then control them remotely. My installation was a large antique oil painting (4 ft x 5 ft) in a two story foyer. I had an outlet installed, hung the piece, plugged in the lighting and then adjusted the brightness using the remote as I could no longer reach the piece. I will use Situ for all future installations in my home.

  21. Dean G.

    Outstanding! If 6 stars were an option I would give it. This light is incredibly easy to install. You are able to move the 2 lights for optimal lighting on the painting. I will never buy any other lighting for artwork!

  22. LM (verified owner)

    This is a cool looking solution for a big painting in a modern house—our painting is 72×72 and the 5 track lights do a great job lighting it up at night.

  23. Shayna W. (verified owner)

    My art gallery has been using Situ Lighting exclusively for more than six months. I have purchased more than two dozen lights. We have ordered each light they have available and love them all!! The Art Track light is perfect for the larger pieces my clients have purchased. We have used it for paintings 49×59, 70×40, and 85×45 they all worked beautifully! Thanks Jordan for giving us another option for quality art lights!

  24. Chad H. (verified owner)

    My entire experience was exceptional from beginning to end. The level of customer service was extraordinary – from the time Jordan took to answer my questions through the personal note when we received our lights! Also the quality of the lights is outstanding. We will be buying more for other pieces in our collection and have also referred other friends and collectors.

  25. Rob R. (verified owner)

    Great ‘addition’ to compliment the art on the wall. Perfect dimmable lighting depending on the ambiance setting/mood required.

    The quality of the lights are exceptional. Great and secure packaging plus thanks for the speedy delivery. Easy to install. Highly recommended.

  26. Sarah and Gordon W. (verified owner)

    High quality products and excellent customer service make these lights an obvious choice for serious collectors and those who just want to make a work of art that much more special and beautiful.

    After moving into an historic building that requires amazingly expensive installation of ceiling spots we searched for alternatives that do justice to our paintings and allows the flexibility on placement we desired. So glad we found Situ Lighting, a company that offers the perfect light solution for any circumstance. We purchased a variety of products, including the ArtTrack, and all are excellent in their own right. Top recommendation. Thanks!

  27. Dan I. (verified owner)

    We are very Happy with this Lights, I have purchased various size ArtTracks and those are top led lights for art. They are perfect lights, they are worth every Dollar spent.

  28. Dr. Richard H. (verified owner)

    I purchased the ArtTrack 2-light unit to illuminate a quite tall new oil. I researched all possible alternatives, including installing in-ceiling LED spots to get just the right dispersion and decided upon this. WHAT A WONDERFUL, PRECISION LIGHT, and so easy to install. It is adjustable perfectly and does exactly what I envisioned, and a LOT less invasive than in-ceiling lighting, especially with its remote control.

    Highest marks and thanks so much for making this!

  29. Chriss B. (verified owner)

    We purchased the ArtTrack four-light unit to illuminate a large painting in our church sanctuary. The fixture was easy to install. It’s effect on the painting is amazing! It creates exactly the illumination that we hoped for. The remote is also a great feature. We are very pleased with our choice.

  30. james (verified owner)

    Great product, easy to install, perfect illumination

  31. Carl Z. (verified owner)

    Bought the two light model to light a pastel of wolves by Carol LaRoche. The lights really made the eyes “POP”.

  32. Bryan B. (verified owner)

    I thought, “I need lighting for my art…” so I started doing research and after ruling out many others I found Situ Lighting. I liked what I saw, I liked the story, and thought, “Yes, why not? I’ll give it a try!” Anyway, I internet chatted, then talked on the phone with a wonderful gentleman that helped me make my final decision. The product turned out to be awesome! I had had this theory that lighting would bring out my art in the evenings. Wow, was I surprised about how great it actually is! It gives my art dimension, presence, and life. My next step is to light up more of my art. For those that are wondering, I am very satisfied with the technical characteristics of the hardware and light quality.

  33. Ralph O

    We absolutely love our ArtTrack Minimal Modular 3 light LED art lighting. It is over a piece of $6,000 artwork that we recently purchased, an indulgence for us, so we were not about to illuminate it with some $50 light from a big box store… was meant to be shown off and boy do these lights do just that. All aspects of the purchase were great, I even got a personalized letter from the President of the company with the shipment. A class act…..and it was made in America!!

  34. Tim R. (verified owner)

    Love my new Situ llighting on my oil painting.
    Love the remote contriol too.
    There are cheaper options out there .
    I got more tham my moneys worth.
    Very pleased with customer service.
    Thank you

  35. Rick B. (verified owner)

    I have mini-spots and cordless rechargeable that I absolutely love. I just bought a new painting and I currently have some museum quality lighting but decided to buy the art – track. It looks GREAT, it was easy to install and ordering is so easy with terrific customer service.

  36. Leon K. (verified owner)

    I purchased the singular track lighting unit for a rather large (37″x37″) painting, and the one light is sufficient for the painting. I ordered it in the antique brass finish and it is excellent. The remote works great and allows for a number of different lighting options. I liked this product so much, I just ordered the small, cordless spot for a smaller painting. I highly recommend Situlighting products.

  37. George S. (verified owner)

    Your lighting is very high quality and a beautiful modern design.

  38. SR (verified owner)

    We purchased the newest quintuple minimal modular LED lights for an oversized painting. Jordan was extremely helpful providing the information necessary for a simple and flawless installation. This is a high end product that enhances the beauty of our art and home. We highly recommend this company and their products.

  39. A. A. (verified owner)

    I was very impressed with the quality of this product as well as the actual light it offered for my artwork. Easy to set up/install. The only thing that would make this product any better would be if it had a multi function timer setting. I have already recommended this product to friends who have admired it on our artwork.

    From Situ:
    Thank you for your feedback. We’re currently working on an integrated timer but do not yet have an estimated timeline. Since the light always returns to its last used setting an outlet timer is always an option. Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-561-0492 should you have any questions.

  40. Gus S. (verified owner)

    Everything expected. Very cool design.

  41. Lynn O. (verified owner)

    Rather pricey but a fantastic light and just what I needed for my artwork

  42. Geoff S. (verified owner)

    First spoke with a very knowledgable representative who made the perfect recommendation of the “Art-Track – Minimal, Modular, LED Art Lighting” (3 Light). Installation was a breeze, and instructions were incredibly simple and logical. Very important to me…An American-made product at highly competitive prices. Very confident that I made the very best available choice. Thank you!

  43. Dan M. (verified owner)

    First off, Situ Lighting, LLC (the company itself) is amazing! I placed an order for a different light and put in the notes the dimensions of my art piece. I received a phone call from the company that this light would work better for my art piece than the more expensive light I had ordered/purchased. They immediately issued me a refund and charged me for the lesser priced light

    Second, the correct light (ArtTrack – Minimal, Modular, LED Art Lighting) arrived and it was super easy to install. The remote works very well and we couldn’t be happier.

    Third, I recommend the company and this light to everyone!

  44. Jared E. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and beautiful lights. Easy to install and very attractive.

    The lights are very bright and do a great job on the picture. I have one very small nit, and maybe it’s a limitation of LED lighting is that when dimming, I wish it could get a little dimmer, as we are using it on a photograph where varying levels of light really change the image. Beyond that, they are great lights and very satisfied.

  45. Richard H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Beautifully designed, works great, very attractive, easy to install.
    Had questions before buying. They were promptly answered, giving me a good impression of the company.
    Now I’m wandering the house trying to find add’l places to use more of these lights!

  46. Debbie C. (verified owner)

    We were looking for a minimal/clean line light for a piece of art hung above the fireplace. We found Situ Lighting through internet research.
    We chose the single light and could not be more pleased! Customer Service was very helpful. The light is unique in the fact that it can be plugged into a household electrical outlet, and controlled by a remote device. We can choose between many levels of brightness, another unique feature. This is a very high quality product presented by a very professional company.

  47. Wes H. (verified owner)

    Shipped and arrived on time. Very nice low profile that doesn’t compete with my artwork. Installation was a breeze. Decent price point. Will recommend without reservation.

  48. Jeff (verified owner)

    Absolutely fabulous lights, and great customer service Couldn’t be happier.

  49. Chris K. (verified owner)

    We recently purchased 2 units from situlighting. We have 2 paintings needing lighting and decided to get the plug-in track lighting for the large horizontal painting (2 light unit) and a smaller plug in unit for a smaller vertical painting. I really like the impact on our viewing of the art work. Of the 2 units, I think the track lighting was the home run for us. The smaller unit is good, but the track lighting is outstanding.

  50. HS (verified owner)

    Great product and service! They worked with me to update the system to allow me to run long wiring for the 3-light ArtTrack system for a large horizontal art-piece through the drywall using the typical hidden-HDMI cable run approach (one hole behind picture with cables running through them to the bottom of the wall and. Exiting through a 2nd hole; plenty of systems available fior such an install) so that I could hide cables and do the install myself without the need for an electrician seeing as these are all low-voltage cables so installation is to code! Great job!

  51. Keith G. (verified owner)

    I found Situ Lighting on the internet while searching for lighting for a large mid-century abstract impressionist canvas I recently inherited. From the very first contact it was a remarkable example of excellence in customer experience. My questions were answered promptly and clearly. The advice I was given about the ArtTrack system proved to be spot on. The package arrived with simple and clear direction. Everything was included and thoughtfully presented for ease of installation.
    Most important, we love the lighting. It not only exceeds our expectations…..but our hopes for this canvas.
    I haven’t taken the time to write a review for anything in a long long time, But couldn’t pass up the chance to thank Mitchell and the people at Situ.

  52. Bernard L.

    My second purchase from Situ and couldn’t be more pleased. They told me the light was in development and I jumped on the release. Had it for a couple of weeks now and couldn’t be happier. It’s the only light I’ve found to light my 55″ tall painting. Good work!

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